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The Literateur is a new online literary magazine featuring interviews with luminaries of the literary world, articles, reviews and exciting new creative works. As we access a highly targeted audience we provide the perfect advertising forum for any companies in the literary market.

Monthly readership: Around 4500 – 7500 and growing.

We cover the following:

Advertisements will appear on all the main pages of each online section of The Literateur’s website. Advertisements can either provide a link to the advertiser’s home page, or click through to a full Web page advertisement.

£38/month for 300 x 150 pixels
£47/month for 300 x 250 pixels
£43/month for 125 x 400 pixels

The above will appear ‘below the fold’ (ie- They will be visible if you scroll down a little.) For an additional sum we can also put the advert into our newsletters.

Full width banner adverts above the title (900 x 60 pixels) are limited to 2 months at a time and cost £75/month.

For NGOs or small businesses that are just starting up, we may be able to offer preferential rates.

Information about sponsoring events is available on request.

The adverts must be less than 500 kilobytes. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to design and supply the artwork for the banner advertisements. If you would prefer to hand over the design of the advert to us, we can do this for a £35 fee.

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