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All interviews, articles and reviews belong to The Literateur Magazine and may not be reproduced elsewhere without permission. All short stories and poetry are the intellectual property of the author unless otherwise stated. However if you are the author and wish to re-publish elsewhere, we ask for a note saying that it was first published with us that includes a link if it is online and our web address if in print. If you wish to reproduce material on this site, whether online or in print, please contact us at editor@literateur.com.

If you are aware of some copyright infringement by us or against us, please contact us immediately. While every effort has been made to obtain permission for material not in the public domain, we are aware that mistakes do occur.


***Submissions Temporarily Closed***

We regret to announce that we have taken a break from receiving new submissions in order to deal with the large number of emails that are currently in our inbox. We will announce on here (and on Facebook and Twitter) as soon as we re-start submissions. Apologies to those writers who have been waiting a long time for a response and to potential contributors who wished to submit.

Email submissions@literateur.com to submit articles or ideas for articles, creative works and approx. 700-word sample reviews. Please note that it may take us quite a while to get back to you since we receive many submissions. Simultaneous submissions to other publications are permitted but we request that you let us know as soon as any of your work that you have submitted has been accepted elsewhere. If sending in a repeat submission please do so as a separate email, rather than adding to a previous thread.

If submitting articles or reviews, please send a CV. You must send a sample review to be considered for the reviewers’ list.

Please note that we are unfortunately unable at present to offer any payment for contributions, whether creative or not. We would very much like to do so one day and we are looking into ways in which it might be possible to make this happen. (The editors do not pay themselves either.)

If you would like contributor information in addition to your name to appear below the piece, please send us the text along with your submission. We are happy to provide links.

Below is a guideline on submission length, but this is very flexible.
Articles (fewer than 4000 words)
Reviews of recently published/forthcoming books (around 700 words)
Short Stories (fewer than 5000 words)
Poetry (fewer than 100 lines)

Advertise With Us

The Literateur is a new online literary magazine featuring interviews with luminaries of the literary world, articles, reviews and exciting new creative works. As we access a highly targeted audience we provide the perfect advertising forum for any companies in the literary market.

Monthly readership: Around 4500 – 7500 and growing.

We cover the following:

Advertisements will appear on all the main pages of each online section of The Literateur’s website. Advertisements can either provide a link to the advertiser’s home page, or click through to a full Web page advertisement.

£38/month for 300 x 150 pixels
£47/month for 300 x 250 pixels
£43/month for 125 x 400 pixels

The above will appear ‘below the fold’ (ie- They will be visible if you scroll down a little.) For an additional sum we can also put the advert into our newsletters.

Full width banner adverts above the title (900 x 60 pixels) are limited to 2 months at a time and cost £75/month.

For NGOs or small businesses that are just starting up, we may be able to offer preferential rates.

Information about sponsoring events is available on request.

The adverts must be less than 500 kilobytes. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to design and supply the artwork for the banner advertisements. If you would prefer to hand over the design of the advert to us, we can do this for a £35 fee.

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  1. Hugo Williams

    Dear Kit, we were very impressed with the professionalism, sophistication and wide-ranging quality of The Literateur. I enjoyed the interview as much as one can one’s own foolish words, while squirming slightly at the old man putting on loud music late at night. The photographs are amongst the best I have had done. What I really wanted to say is congratulation on finishing the thesis or is it a doctorate, I never know the difference. Hugo

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