Two Poems by Dave Spittle































this itch
to say

if you think about it

don’t think about it

but you will and i do and we will and can you imagine
the obtuse    that’s a word       the obtuse disparity
between what you and i say and what we read and they
what they will read      can you imagine reading this
and thinking this is what people should read
and this           this is what people write
people like you and me
but if we don’t think about it

but we do

and when we do

to say
this itch





David Spittle has recently completed a PhD on the poetry of John Ashbery in relation to Surrealism at Newcastle University. Publications include reviews in Hix Eros and PN Review, and poetry in Blackbox Manifold, 3am, Shadowtrain, Zone, Datableed, Zarf and Black Herald Press.  David has also written the libretti to three operas. 


Image creditRick Piper

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