Three Poems by Kate Duckney

Bodyshrine Lana  


Horse chestnut house rules:

no little deaths  


in pleats  


where the coke

of scalp & shavings  




Fish & penny



when you come to corner

& nudge dead fur ~  


he smells

like scrunched moles  


your hexagon pad-cells

dark with broodcomb,  


sneezed out

in eighths.  


Girls get in     we’re going

to shine our cenotaphs:  


clouded quartz with the pits

pruned & empty  


but the elf gems

embedded ~  


pink amber lemonade,

catholic wax.    



The Fear Is Docile Body  


mirror between mooncram   Phobos / Deimos lean in & screech   the beak on brick

each concave head   leaks a new   naphtha kindness wrong gone   bulbs me up

like a neon   bone in a fish ward   lamb body comes   with caring not   I care beyond it

evacuate acid & coughed up crumb in tissue egg sacs   trench   takes what the male-brain

males   nip & split from   pure too-chewed   for enzyme or quark-fingered rift makers   here

I have hollowed the cloud loaf & clotted the surface for geese, is all, is everything    





the wisdom of repugnance is idiocy

because it streaks through the thread scream

of swimming

above a highrise of jellyfish

and all my exes

I considered ~


fucking your phylum     in a hotknot

of nasturtium skirts     or soaking

organ brown beans

overnight     gum-thumbing them soft

before the planned assault  or

when the great bear comes

you not only beam

but dice yourself for him

with a princessly knife ~


my nipples in some hard fires

look like scorched noses of labrats

and this keeps them off TV I say

with love now



Kate Duckney studied at UEA for both her BA (English Literature with Creative Writing) and her MA (Poetry). She has been published in Ambit, New Writing, Ink Sweat and Tears and Chinatown Journal. Her first collection of poetry, Ada in the Shells, is available from Knives Forks and Spoons Press. She lives and works in London. 



Image credit: GloomyCorp

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