The Literateur says goodbye!

Owl-Flying-against-a-Moonlit-SkyAs you may have noticed, we have been slowly winding down work at The Literateur. Some of you will already be aware that the editorship was handed over to a new team towards the end of 2015. 

Adam Crothers, James Marriott and Eleanor Careless have done an absolutely sterling job since, publishing some really exciting new works. However, as their careers have progressed, they too have found themselves unable to put in as much time as they would like and have decided to step down. Thank you to Adam, James and Eleanor for flying the owl to new heights!

We have decided this time to let the owl take a well-earned retirement. The site will still be up so that people can consult it as an archive. It is also being digitally archived by the British Library and will feature in their curated poetry collection.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Daniel Eltringham, who was such an invaluable deputy editor that I begged him almost immediately to be co-editor with me instead. Scott Morris, who joined us a few years later also as deputy and then co-editor, extended the scope and quality of the fiction section in ways we could never have done–thank you. Eley Williams, who was there from the beginning until 2013, provided that touch of originality and helped us to get the momentum going that made The Literateur what it is today. 

Others who have helped us over the years include Sara Veale, Laura Soar, Christine Fears, Olga Lipska and Max Colson.* We are very thankful for their valuable work.
There are far too many journalists, poets and authors to name and thank individually here. But we are grateful to each one of you for giving your time and work so generously. This has been a true labour of love for all of us.
Last but not least, thank you so much to you, the readers, for sticking with us. I hope you have enjoyed reading The Literateur as much as I have enjoyed helping it grow.

Kit Toda

Founding Editor
* Please let me know if you have helped us in a capacity other than as a writer and I have missed you out by mistake. I do apologise if that is the case. We have had a lot of help from many people over the years for which I am very grateful!

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