The Stone Thrower by Adam Marek

The Stone Thrower By Adam Marek Comma Press, Paperback, 170 pages. ISBN: 978-1905583508 £7.95   Scott Morris   As an opening sentence, “My son’s Tamagotchi had AIDs” reads like one of Noel Fielding’s one-liners. You’d therefore expect ‘Tamagotchi’ to be a crassly provocative and tactless story, stretching its conceit to the breaking point of good taste and good writing. Instead, Adam Marek presents a controlled, … Continue reading The Stone Thrower by Adam Marek


Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis

Imperial Bedrooms By Bret Easton Ellis Picador; Paperback; 178 pages; ISBN: 978-0-330-45261-8 £7.99 Scott Morris   Imperial Bedrooms finds Bret Easton Ellis once again raiding Elvis Costello’s back catalogue for the titles of his books, as he did for 1985’s Less Than Zero. Indeed, Bedrooms is something of a sequel to that first novel, which was published when he was twenty-one. Ellis has praised the … Continue reading Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis


David Vann at the LRB

Review of David Vann’s appearance at the London Review Bookshop, 25th February 2011. Scott Morris David Vann courts publicity of a far more positive kind than that other famous, living Alaskan (“Maybe someday soon we’ll get rid of her,” he jokes at tonight’s reading). Indeed, Penguin bagged the Publishers Publicity Circle’s Award for its extensive publicity campaign for Vann’s 2009 fiction collection, Legend of a … Continue reading David Vann at the LRB

117 Page Psycho

This review article was awarded joint first place in the London Review of Books‘ Young Reviewers Competition 2010. —– Point Omega by Don DeLillo Picador, March 2010 117 pp; ISBN 9780330512381 Price: £14.99 Scott Morris Were it not for the stylish surety of Don DeLillo’s prose, you might start to wonder whether he’s been working in the wrong medium all these years. More than most … Continue reading 117 Page Psycho