Interview with John Fuller

John Fuller is a leading poet and novelist whose works, noted for their playfulness and technical brilliance, are beloved of both the public and the critical world. He has won or been shortlisted for a dizzying number of awards, including the Geoffrey Faber memorial prize, the Whitbread Prize and the Forward Prize.  His first book, Fairground Music in 1961, has been followed by around forty … Continue reading Interview with John Fuller

Barbara Trapido

Interview with Barbara Trapido – Part I

Barbara Trapido is the author of seven novels including Brother of the More Famous Jack (1982), Temples of Delight (1990), The Travelling Hornplayer (1998) and Frankie and Stankie (2003), which have all been shortlisted for major awards. Her latest novel, Sex and Stravinsky, was published in May this year. Barbara Trapido / Copyright: Britta Campion Her novels are celebrated for their weavings of fantastical tragi-comic … Continue reading Interview with Barbara Trapido – Part I

An Interview with Sir Christopher Ricks – Part II

The Literateur: You have been very insistent that literary criticism is important only because literature is important, and that criticism is of secondary importance. Christopher Ricks: I wouldn’t deny that that there are critical works of genius. I make a difference between professorial professional people like me on the one hand, and Eliot, Coleridge and so forth on the other. There’s no reason why a … Continue reading An Interview with Sir Christopher Ricks – Part II


Paul Muldoon Interview (Part 2)

Part 2 of our interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon. He talks to us about puns, pride vs poetry and being equated with Elvis Costello. Daniel Eltringham and Kit Toda TL: Despite having lived in America for over 20 years, your works are still full of references to Ireland and the Irish. Do you see yourself as an Irish poet? PM: Well, I mean, I … Continue reading Paul Muldoon Interview (Part 2)


Paul Muldoon Interview (Part 1)

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet PAUL MULDOON talks to us about his latest work ‘Wayside Shrines’, T.S.Eliot, the avant-garde and taking candy from strange clichés. Dan Eltringham and Kit Toda On the evidence of his poetry, Paul Muldoon is an intensely erudite man with a formidable intelligence. However, in person, he comes across as a charmingly ordinary and affable guy with something of the child about him … Continue reading Paul Muldoon Interview (Part 1)