sound wolf

Sound by T.M.Wolf

Sound by T.M. Wolf Paperback, Faber and Faber, 2012 384 pages, ISBN: 978-0571272273, £14.99 George Potts   T.M. Wolf’s debut novel Sound is a case of a conventional plot offset by a highly unconventional form. Cincy Styles returns to his New Jersey home having dropped out of graduate school, a burned-out philosophy student whose academic dreams have fallen apart. He takes a job for the … Continue reading Sound by T.M.Wolf

Oraclau/Oracles by Geoffrey Hill

Oraclau/Oracles By Geoffrey Hill Clutag Press, 2010, Hardback, 56pages ISBN 978-0-9553476-9-6 RRP: £15.00 George Potts There was a time when a three year period between volumes of Geoffrey Hill’s poetry would not seem out of the ordinary. But since his autumnal flourishing in which he has produced seven books in ten years, Hill fans may have been concerned with the lack of a new publication … Continue reading Oraclau/Oracles by Geoffrey Hill