Terry Jones



When concussed green shines bud hossanahs

——————————–horizon’s flower locks the eye,

——————————–The world’s blue ledge of breath and bone

——————————–smokes in the stem, breaks out to leaf.

Then blood flashes our common star’s rising,

——————————–clots the bole with exact light,

——————————–and cusps and fuses untuck in blindness

——————————–white melts of flowers, blue sprays of ice



INCIPIT The opening phrase. Out of dark Northumberland,

Its wild heavens, a letter rises: Gold letter: Sun.

It says: I am the light, The embelishment of the word

Skin of calves and lambs, Codex of flesh and hair

The bright Chi-Rho, First letter Of the illuminated text


Now knot-like knot-light. As fine lines in silverpoint

Serve a guide for gold leaf over bole and pigment catches light

The entire text is on display. O smoking mirror:

Terminals fill with spirals In spirals intricate interlace;


It is The Master of The Leaping Figures;

The majesty of its appearance A formal majuscule,

A palm leaf, An epigraphic dawn. Incipit:

The opening phrase. Out of dark Northumberland.




o red ghost horizon’s flower bright reed

wish-scratch alphabet source how unroll

—————————————yellow scroll Sun?

eye-star bone gold light map

stone warmer palimpsest ice plant how unroll

—————————————————–yellow scroll Sun?

o horizon’s ghost east mirror gold light

star plant index ice quill how unroll

———————————————yellow scroll Sun?




Let X be the sun: between number and number the rage star burning;

Xanthic             helllight, Sunflower atom-pisser, imaginary ghost flower.


Starts with clot of ochre Impasto sun-mould the ur-text in outline paradigm mud-


A child’s sun isotope of yellow wax its surface storms Upstroke the sun’s sign


On papyrus whirlpool of x-rays a violent flower at zero

Furious stalk the inferno uncodes and black it is black a black funeral


feather World-black negative dark flower Gamma plant blazer Anarchist icon

O common star Sulphur flower the light star’s dark grammar


Is hossanah breath and bone  swastika Solomon’s Seal At heart it reads off

Signifier Sigma Sonne sunne A sol-fa its energy a base petal pions’ spore

Morpheme it flashes out


Struck flint Mi Mi Mi The dawn flower Alpha Aaron’s Rod Gospel gold-leaf


To liquid sets elixir the dusk rose Giaconda Will-o-wisp light text Glows oil out

plumes out


Marigold MadonnaYellow ink on paper Its syntax figured complex Flowering Kells

Book wrought Of roots enchanted Carnival chromosome


Writhing writing Rag-and-bone strange rose Torch of anti-matter Old rope



Ultra-violet hieroglyph


but penned




Terry Jones’ debut short collection, Furious Resistance, was published by Poetry Salzburg in 2011. That same year he was the winner of the Bridport Prize. His work has also appeared in magazines including Poetry Review, The New Statesman, Agenda, Ambit, The London Magazine, Magma, Iota, Communist Review,The North, Other Poetry etc. Terry Jones’ website is: TerryJonespoetry.weebly.com

Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video

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