‘Remoras’ by David Rodriguez



Fierce burgundy shadows the

eye pressed to a narrow strip

by silver skin so vibrant it


pinches the brown iris into

daring, its fin a Dubai

island with more suction than


the labored breathing of my

letdown car, the design trans-

fixing, a toothless mouth not


for navy bean soup & shepherd’s

pie, but dream risk fulfillment.

It waits like the boy on a website


afraid of giving a fake birthday,

like the sweetheart standing by

the four square boxes holding


her books, like a mother caught

in the drum sanctum of parades

while her children score ice cream.


The akrasia of a hand, foot, fin,

or face raised to hail makos

because maybe, if we groom


the passing shark: a future

promotion, a baleful fleet,

the perp, the witness, the run-


away in me with gall like

the Echeneid can chance &

go without the option to blink.



David Rodriguez is a writer and teacher based in New Orleans with an MFA from Florida State University. He has previously been published in New Orleans Review, The Southeast Review and The Double Dealer Redux, among other places.



Image credit: Biodiversity Heritage Library

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