An Interview with John Sutherland

1 Apr 2010

The renowned literary commentator and professor talks to us about the machinery behind literature, ‘profitable...

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Chicken in a Basket

26 Mar 2010

Andrew Towers I’m onto my third cup of coffee. Penny still hasn’t decided what she’s going to have. ‘The...

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A Visitor

14 Mar 2010

Alex Christofi And when the light came, the darkness was confused and flew under the skirting. We tried to get it out...

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Poem for a Partnership

8 Mar 2010

Alan Fielden Throw, the first stone, lover. Who brought me from nothing and to whom I have given less. If I lie and...

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The Organist Recounts

1 Mar 2010

Stephanie Yorke Chemistry never rests. Something’s converted each time, given time. I eroded on the bench, under...

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From America

18 Feb 2010

Joshua Roche The largest pearl in the world was ruined when the shell was boiled open – Prose note to Paterson,...

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The Studio of Paula Rego

16 Feb 2010

A Found Poem Anna McKerrow Opposite a block of control / Him to make him / a woman / Crowded on a table / Protest that...

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An Interview with Will Self

6 Feb 2010

Will Self is a prolific writer of both fiction and journalism. His most recent publication, Psycho Too, is a...

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