from void!friend by Calum Gardner

from void!friend




something untaught, untold, lurks

in the roots of the great willow. its extensions

drip into the trickles that pass

for waters in this wasted whirl of ground

it’s a grey ecology i have

that strips away the torturous turn

of mud against the rain, and browning forth

i feel lonely in terms the most possible

of which is long grass, growing

violetly in the early autumn sundown


the silkworms died in thousands, left to fry

in grey water. comfort after the end

will be an anomaly of mnemosyne,

at the urging of erato. a longish god

whose electric tentacles are limp and bloodless

carafes his way through contentless roomscenes

and pisses in the crossbreeze woven into the plans

from the earliest stages of a long, skinny timeline:

the earthship seemed less warm than before the change,

a fetish object, a maze of invisible screens.

nothing changes in this sweetly apportioned fate

or tires out the moving of the rings;

this planet had its molten core ripped out

by stray magnetic arrows flung from a lusty second moon.


the accretion disk arcs out

with the flung kisses of solar flares – as fools

we accept the sun’s queer maths

as blind affection for a white photo’s cosmic error,

heavy metals cowering

in asteroidal glommerings for support –

that countmaking valve or gland

in each brain is switched on by being poisoned





o far, orange-yellow torch,

these eyes are not blown windward on rickety tapes

it pains a person ferreting away some onour still

so abnegatorially, yes, o,

to fiddle with an equilibrium taken at face sense

or at ony rate with gay dispatch to buy and sell default humans


and one with a general distaste for money

now made complicit in word-building,

only where it will never manufacture camaraderie,

a lazy, then real, ludic system,

as a less than radical literary scholar.


this work, such as it was, concerned the rights of people,

many ways save a terror war cornered to respect open populations

or, put out more accurately, lay open jouissance

our own mound accumulates, crowded,

roasting beneath a larva-grown putrefax;

it’s understood we build for ourselves now

an observatory of astrothics centred on the cosmophonic drill-bit

whose expense pays for all

which, ancient kings willed, lay toombed, grand adversary impotent

huge weak cow of volition and full-sailed blatter

discouevreries strong as those in biotech or social psych

adding a swinger at the innovatry bat only seems prudent

a premium endowed itself to the universitate


for one year towards the end (but which?)

of recorded time, a premium paid for education,

to temporarily understand other coverups

as long as voice is, if we will it,

interminable to cutting lay cord

with penknives and firehazard grit

all very secure once past its sellby date

until then scholarity however divorced

from realism was a part of the public trust

broken since by historically insignificant horrors.



Calum Gardner is a poet, and edits Zarf poetry magazine. void!friend was recently shortlisted for the Periplum Poetry Book Competition, and other sections can be found in DATABLEED, the Lehigh Valley Vanguard and Poetry Wales.



Image credit: Jared Kelly

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