Four Poems by Charlie Baylis



jenny x comes glittering with metropolis

her star bright knickers eclipse the bright star

jenny x comes with a swastika tattooed to her thigh

[the sign made by reeds as seen in hinduism


buddhism jainism] isn’t it ironic jenny this rain

on your wedding day? no it is the way it is’

gulliver lights lamps beneath a copyright sign

the x oscillates on an x axis


i used to long for you jenny when you were a mushroom

sporing in psychedelic space

i used to long for you jenny when you were a holy poet

now you are a hat stand


and when i told you i love you

it did not always mean i love you



S O Y O U T H I N K Y O U ‘R E I N L O V E W I T H J E N N I F E R


hi jens it’s charlie

u dont kno me but remember

in yr song ‘become someone else’s’

u sang a line tht wnt


someone should write a pamphlet called:

so you think you’re in love with jennifer


well jens i’m writing yr pamphlet

so far so so ideas pls?


my pln is 4 a sonnet seqnce

focusd on a fmale muse irny no


jens in tht sng tracy sang bout u just wat lens r u looking thru?

i guess yr a knd of a lonly guy when u sing bout scking on cherry trees


y r u singng bout scking on cherry trees? it’s nt norml

btw i had a gr8 time @ yr concert so thx jens hope yr well bw charlie



J E N N Y X H A S B R O K E N C H A R L I E B A Y L I S ‘S H E A R T


there are no clouds today

but today i think i might need the clouds


since the holes in your body no longer glitter with metropolis

since the sum of your cap problems less than or equal to the sum

of my cap problems


since the nights are not yet green not yet the nights i can lie beside you

i think i might need the clouds today jenny

i might need the clouds more than you need the clouds


what can the dove make of your mystery skin?

what colour are the raymond eyelids in eastphalia westphalia?


my book is called ok alright i don’t have much to say

my book is called so you think you’re in love with jennifer

my book is not called anything it used to be a tree

when being a tree was cool now it is not a tree are you a tree?





J E N N Y W A V E (e p I l o g u e)


at 8 o’clock jenny’s sharp red nails puncture

my soft toy heart my little boy dreams hot steam

rises from a cupcake forget it CHARLIE it’s not like

you’re getting anything from me it’s not like you’re winning

it’s not like anybody cares’


i undresses to the colour purple

she pins a kiss to the inside of her thigh

i listen as she spins


she tells me of the poets that mate in the milky way

she tells me of peter pan pulling nails from pillows face down in a hotel bed

she tell me of phrasal verbs phrasal verbs for example get fucked


but nobody knows my name in mexico

nobody not even tinkerbell

and tinkerbell hates jenny the same way I do



Charlie Baylis is from Nottingham. He has published two pamphlets, Elizabeth (agave press) and hilda doolittle´s carl jung t-shirt (erbacce). The poems above are taken from his sonnet sequence so you think you’re in love with Jennifer, which he hopes will be his third pamphlet.



 Image credit: Chris Goldberg

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