Off Nonsuch, 1934

Alexandra Stewart   – On August 15, 1934, off the coast of Nonsuch Island, Bermuda, naturalists William Beebe and Otis Barton set a world record when they descended to a depth of just over half a mile. Their observations of the environment they discovered were relayed to Gloria Hollister at the surface via telephone–   She begins with a curved black line. Beebe’s voice surfaces … Continue reading Off Nonsuch, 1934


Dutch Interior: a story by Jenny Holden

Jenny Holden   Hendrickje poured the tea, and remembered her dead. Who was it now? Simon, with his long nose and seriousness. He was already old when she met him, and tall as a larch. Cord trousers. He liked her waist, and her buttocks, he was incorrigible. She smiled, and a late afternoon sun made it down the years and through her kitchen window. A … Continue reading Dutch Interior: a story by Jenny Holden